Water jet cutting / 5 axis water jet cutting



3D - Bidirectional with caulking/bevel

The bi-directional cutting system with two-dimensional water jet ensures parts are finished and the cut is clean thanks to its FLEXIBILITY, HIGH SPEED AND ACCURACY. With the addition of the bevel or calking, we create bevels or sheet or tube guidance holes in order to build the site for depositing the filler material in the welding process, and to improve the weldability of the joints created. The welder can then join or butt the edges with precision

  • It allows inclinations in the cutting, including double inclinations and/or shoulder.
  • It allows a quality of cut high enough to eliminate additional finishing processes, which also results in cost reductions
  • It allows excellent positioning of the edges to be welded resulting in perfect and precise welding

MAX. DIMENSIONS/ 6000 X 3000 mm.
Max. thickness 210. 4000 bars pressure

Tolerances: There are 3 available cutting qualities, dimensional tolerances +/- 0.1 which are variable according to thickness and cutting quality.

It makes it possible to carry out four types of caulking, also called Bevel (inclined cut):

• Normal
• With shoulder
• Double
• Double with shoulder

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