Water jet cutting / 3D water jet cutting



3D - Omnidirectional cutting

Omnidirectional cutting allows us to handle three-dimensional shapes with various depths and heights to be able to develop the scoring through integration with robots and other systems controlled by CAD

  • It makes scoring possible by maintaining precise centre to centre distances on any figure and the inclination makes it possible to achieve work that is already finished and up to standard. The extraordinary aspect of our machine, however, is that everything can be carried out on preprinted pieces or pieces in progress, such as holes on helmets and domes to be drilled (see photo), even on large dimensions.
  • It allows 3D cuts to be carried out at an angle of up to 90°
  • It allows a quality of cut high enough to eliminate additional finishing processes, which also results in cost reductions

Max size 6000x3000
Thickness: variable.
4000 bars pressure

Tolerances: vary depending on the dimensionality and the thickness of the piece +/- 0.4 mm to +/- 4 mm.
Inclination: 90° in relation to the surface

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