Specialists in waterjet cutting!

Water jet cutting is a technology that allows you to machine any kind of material at high speeds and with a "clean" and cold cut so as not to cause structural alterations to the material itself.

The company provides 2 types of water jet cutting:

8 advantages over traditional cutting

  1. Cutting of alloys and/or materials that traditional cutters cannot handle (titanium, aluminium, copper, brass, cast iron, C45, ballistic steel, pre-painted materials, heat resistant materials etc.).
  2. Water jet cutting does not overheat the material, it does not warp it and there is no molecular change preventing annealing to process it
  3. Water jet cutting does not require the material to have a uniform and planar surface
  4. Water jet cutting has an accuracy of 0.05 m/m, which is maintained even when the thickness is increased
  5. Water jet cutting maintains accuracy, even in curves and corners.
  6. Water jet cutting does not produce hazardous waste
  7. Water jet cutting prevents pieces from cracking
  8. Water jet cutting is able to handle a wide area of productions

Fields of application

This type of processing avoids harming the material with:

  • alteration
  • overheating
  • warping

and expands the range of applications, the most important of which include:

  • the aerospace industry:
    Kevlar (TM), GFK/CFK, honeycomb structures, aluminum alloys
  • The energy industry:
    Shaped cuts of details in tungsten, inconel and special materials
  • The plastics industry:
    Cutting of rubber, polyurethane, plexiglass, PVC, teflon, fiberglass, bakelite, foam materials, ertalyte, teflon, ethafoam, composite materials etc.
  • The seal industries:
    Programming and fast cutting of all types of seal material
  • The architectural and construction industry:
    Cutting of material such as marble, granite, ceramic, glass wool, decorative stones, minerals, glass, mirrors, wood, cork, etc., i.e. materials that can be used in architecture to create staircases, borders, inlays and other furnishings and design elements.
  • The automotive and/or prototyping industry:
    Cutting of instrument panels, bumpers, interior finishes and prototyping of individual pieces, drastically lowering the cost of dies.
  • The fusion welding industry:
    It aims to facilitate the welding operation, to ensure good penetration of the molten bath and create a good position for the welded joint.

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